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(NBU)'s Vision Statement

Excellence and Leadership in the fields of education and research for developing the society up to international standards.

Faculty Vision

To be a leading regional institution in education, research and consultation programs.

(NBU)'s Mission Statement

Producing graduates with distinguished scientific and research capabilities, and contributing to the development of the community knowledge.

Faculty Mission

To produce graduates capable of getting employment and/or pursuing graduate studies in various areas of computing, by providing them with quality education and a creative, collaborative and challenging academic environment.

Faculty Objectives

The main objectives of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology are:
  1. To provide high quality and comprehensive educational trainings.
  2. To provide research opportunities that produce highly qualified graduates and responsible citizens who are able to meet the needs of all sectors of human activity.
  3. To provide a creative, collaborative, and challenging academic environment to ensure success. Excellence, Innovation, and integrity are the core premises from which we educate our students.
  4. To offers to its student’s relevant qualifications, including professional training, which combines high-level knowledge and skills, using courses and content continually tailored to the present and future needs of society.